Spirit by Illamasqua [Review]

Spirit by Illamasqua

Ever since I saw that Illamasqua were bringing out their new collection, To Be Alive, I’ve been dying to try out the Spirit palette that comes as part of it.

Spirit contains Cascade (top left), Awaken (top right), Inspire (bottom left) and Refine (bottom right). Awaken is actually a cream eyeshadow, and provides a nice base for the other colours. When I applied Cascade over Awaken, it turned into an almost UV ice blue!

I used to be a little ambivalent about Illamasqua eyeshadows but given I now own and regularly use their Complement palette, and both the Aura and Semblance Multi-Facet palette, it’s fair to say that I finally ‘get’ how their palettes work. These colours are designed to work together, and it’s possible to get a myriad of looks, if the other reviews of the palette are anything to go by!

This is what I went for. I applied Awaken all over the lid and halfway to my brow. Then I applied Cascade in the corners (to get that rich ice blue) and under the brow, and I applied Inspire over the rest of my lid and blended up towards the brow. I blended the gorgeous midnight blue that is Refine into my crease.

I also smudged out my Urban Decay black kohl pencil on my waterline, and blended it with more Refine, before finishing off with Urban Decay liquid liner, and Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.

The Verdict

The colours are gorgeous! At first I was worried that it was too OTT and a lot brighter than I’ve become used to wearing during the day – indeed one review I read was by a blogger who was glad to see Illamasqua return to their daring side after a string of nude and ‘plain’ palettes. So throughout the course of the day I got used to wearing such bright colours (I used to wear them a lot when I was younger) and I was glad to see they were just as bright later in the day as they had been when I first applied them.

There was a little bit of creasing after about eight or nine hours but I think that was just because I didn’t put enough powder over the cream eyeshadow, and Illamasqua’s cream eyeshadows really need a lot of powder to ‘set’ them. If you’re happy to pay £34 then I’d say get one while they’re still available because you’d be hard pressed to find such gorgeous blues that work so well together – and don’t feel you have to use them all in one look! I’ll be trying out just Cascade and Refine for my next look!



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