Sleek Bare Skin Foundation [Review]

Recently I realised I’d be staying over at someone’s house and I’d (shock horror) forgotten my make up bag. First world problems, right?

Anyway. I wanted to see if I could put together a make up kit using only products I could find in Boots, and preferably for less than a tenner (or in some cases fiver) each. I’ll do reviews of the other bits I bought in good time, but the foundation I ended up with was Sleek Bare Skin Foundation, in the shade ‘Barley’.

It was really dark in the bottle, even though it was placed as the lightest shade in the display, and I was worried it might be too dark on my face.

The Application

Luckily, it offers light coverage, so it blends nicely and wasn’t that bad a match for my skintone once I actually applied it. It comes with a pump to dispense the product, and you don’t need a lot. It offers a smooth application, and it didn’t settle anyway, particularly around my nose. Here it is with the finished look, which I set with loose powder from Martha Hill, also featuring Illamasqua’s Complement palette.

The Verdict

Sadly, not really. I was already getting shiny patches on my nose by around 10am, having applied it at 6:30am – that’s even using it with one of Revlon’s primers. Here it is at about 7:30pm, some thirteen hours later.

There’s definite shine break out, and the blemishes on my chin which were originally covered are now showing. You can also see some redness on my nose, and my face just generally looks a bit greasy. That being said, nearly every foundation I’ve tried ends up breaking up and sliding off my nose, and this one actually held its own a lot longer, so that was a plus point.

In all fairness, it doesn’t promise 24 hour coverage, and it did get me a compliment that my face looked more natural, and I didn’t look so ‘made up’ while wearing it. If you’ve got relatively clear skin to start with then it’ll probably be fine to use a light coverage foundation, but if you have a T-Zone (like me) or you have more to cover up, then I’d probably give this one a miss.


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