Solstice by Urban Decay [Review]

I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay, so when I saw their Moondust eyeshadow, I fancied giving it a go. The Moondust shadows have a strange consistency in that they feel like a cream but you apply them like a powder (much like Sleek’s non-matte eyeshadows). Their metallic look gives them a dual colour finish – the colour I chose, Solstice, looks pink when you look at it from one direction, and a bluey-green from the other, and in certain lights it almost looks silver!

I first saw Siobhan of Letz Makeup using them in a tutorial, and she recommended applying the Moondust shadows either wet, or over something ‘sticky’ that would grab onto the powder. I always use Urban Decay’s eye primer potion but in this case I also used Illamasqua’s Liquid Metal cream pigment in Pewter as a base. I applied Solstice all over the lid, then dug into my Sleek Au Naturel palette, using Regal (a matte dark purple) in the crease and up to the bone, Nougat (matte beige) as a highlighter, and Noir (matte black) right in the crease for depth.

I’m quite pleased with the blend of matte and metallic shades, and I was pleased by how well Solstice actually lasted. It was still shimmering and changing colour under light a good ten hours after application, and there was no creasing. It’s a great consistency, and I get the feeling you’ll really get value for money since Urban Decay eyeshadows always last for ages. I’d highly recommend Solstice, and I’m certainly going to pick up Backfire, one of their new shades for Summer 2015!

The Moondust eyeshadows are £14 each in the UK.


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