Review of Illamasqua’s Aura Multi-Facet palette

I’ve been tempted by Illamasqua’s Multi-Facet palettes for a while now, but I often felt like £45 was just a little bit too much for something I might not like. After all, I sometimes find the brand’s products to be a little hit and miss. For example, I love their Cream Pigment in Mould, but their Liquid Metal 02 palette is just too greasy, and no amount of powder will set the cream pigments to stop them creasing. I tried one of their liquid foundations and it was beyond awful, and I’m not impressed by their cream foundation either – neither range give the type of coverage that I like. I love the range of colours available among their lipsticks, but Apocalips can be very drying. That said, their intense lipglosses are a good buy, particularly Facade, which is perhaps my favourite lip colour ever.

01 PaletteHowever, I do love their solo powder eyeshadows, and I’ve recently grown to love their Complement palette, despite initial misgivings, although I’m still never going to prefer another makeup manufacturer to Urban Decay when it comes to eye colours. But when the Multi-Facet palettes appeared in the Illamasqua sale for £13.50, I couldn’t really say no, and due to the colours included, I opted for Aura. The two squares on the left are; Gleam in Aurora (top, a creamy highlighter) and Powder Blusher in Tremble (bottom). The top two squares on the right are; Cream Pigment in Hollow (left, for contouring) and Eyebrow Cake in Thunder (right). Below that are four Powder Eyeshadows. You also get a double ended brush which I ignored in favour of my own sets of brushes. (Yes, I have more than one set.)

02 The LookThis is what I ended up coming up with. Pretty neat, huh? I’ve got Hollow just below my cheekbones to add definition, with Tremble on the apples of my cheeks, with Aurora highlighting the top of my cheekbones. Aurora isn’t as much of a highlighter as I’d have liked but it’s difficult to find a super-pale shade for highlighting when you’re already as pale as me! Tremble is perhaps a more ‘pink’ blusher than I’m used to, since I normally go for darker, browner shades, but it seems to work, particularly where it covers Hollow. I packed the lightest eyeshadow shade below the eyebrow as a highlighter, then swept the peachy shade all over the lid. I blended the heathery shade along the brow bone, and then blended the darkest shade into the socket. Finally I used Thunder to shape my eyebrows.

04 Eyes Aura

The other products I’m using are; Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, Revlon Color Stay foundation, Bourgeois Concealer, Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner in 100% black, Urban Decay eye pencil, and L’Oreal mascara in black.

03 The LookI didn’t end the look there. I also grabbed one of Illamasqua’s intense lipglosses in Hermetic while it was only £6.60. The lipglosses are a funny formula, almost like liquid lipstick, and while Hermetic isn’t as easy to apply as Facade, it really does give intense colour and has a wonderful shine, if you like the ‘wet’ look. I’m just glad Illamasqua have decided to include brush applicators with their intense lipglosses instead of the slanted tips that don’t allow for the same level of precision. Hermetic is described as a ‘wine red’ and it is a genuinely gorgeous colour – it’s also perfect if you’re pale like me, and want to wear red, but can’t pull off the bright scarlets.

What do I think of them? Well I’m extremely impressed with the palette. The mirrored lid is just the right size for putting your makeup on, and while Gleam isn’t as strong a highlighter as I’d like, I loved Thunder for my brows, and the eyeshadow shades are perfect. They also last very well throughout the day – as I’m writing this, I’ve been wearing them for six hours and they’re still wearing well. Hermetic is a nice shade and it complements the colours in the Aura palette well, although I know from experience that the intense lip glosses don’t have the same ‘staying power’ as lipsticks, though that’s only to be expected. I think Aura will definitely become my ‘go to’ palette if I’m travelling since it keeps so many products in one place!

4.5/5 for Aura

4/5 for Hermetic


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