Is the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette worth it?

I was lucky enough to get the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette for Christmas. Having been a fan of Urban Decay for a while (I use their Naked 2, Pulp Fiction and Smoked palettes regularly), I was dying to get stuck in to the new array of fab colours. The set has a huge mirror in the lid and comes with a double ended brush, and it’s in a matching pouch – the box reckons you can keep your brushes in it but I’m just keeping the palette in it for now since all of my brushes came in their own pouches, wallets or bags.

Trying makeup with high expectations can be daunting (Illamasqua’s Complement palette was a massive let down) but thankfully, I was not disappointed! The colours are as highly pigmented as you’d expect from Urban Decay, and they blend well, although I tend not to use the brush that comes with the set, preferring instead to use my own. There is no ‘black’ equivalent, meaning you need to use other shades if you want to contour or line the eye, but I always use separate eyeliner anyway. They also last really well, especially when you use them with Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion, which keeps eye makeup in place all day.

What I like about the set is that the twenty colours are arranged in five columns, essentially giving you five ‘quads’ of complementary shades. You can obviously mix and match between colours, but keeping within the columns gives a well-balanced look. Here are four of the looks I’ve attempted thus far;

This look was achieved by putting Alien on the half of the eyelid nearest the corner, and blending it with Sonic from the centre of the eyelid to the outer corner. Then I put Bondage in the crease, and blending it upwards into Alchemy. I used Bondage and Sonic below the lower lashes.

This was a nice day time look, that featured Angel all over the eyelid, with Revolver in the crease, blended upwards into Defy. I then blending Defy into Last Sin beneath the brow. I smudged Revolver under my lower lashes. I think I might have liked these colours if they were less shimmery, but they work nonetheless.

This one was a little more experimental – I put Lucky in the corners of my eye, and swept it across the eyelid, blending it into Reign at the halfway point. I also put Reign above the eyelid, blending Vanity into it at the crease. Vanity looked a lot more purple in person than it does in the photo! I finished it off with Bobby Dazzle as a highlight beneath the brow.

This look was achieved by sweeping Freeze all over the eyelid and above the crease, blending it out towards the brow with Truth, and then layering Heroine into the crease. I also ran Heroine along the lower lash line, and I put a little Bobby Dazzle under the brow as a highlight.

I obviously haven’t tried all of the colours yet, but I think the Alien – Sonic quad is my favourite so far. I’d definitely recommend this palette to anyone who likes experimenting with colour, but if you’re looking for something more ‘natural’ then definitely check out Urban Decay’s Naked palettes as they’re far more suited to daily wear than some of the shades in Vice 3!


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